Management Program Multi-Propety Owner 4+ Homes
$99.99 of collected rents per home
Leasing Commission-New Tenant $275
Renewal Commission $150 One time
Single Owner Point of Contact Included
Marketing Pictures and Video Included
Video Marketing - New Tenants Included
Tenant Application & Screening Included
Online Rent Collection Included
Monthly Email Statement Included
Year End Statement Included
ACH Owner Payments Included
Guaranteed Code Compliance Included
Annual Pet Inspection Included
Annual Business Health Report Included
End of Lease Inspection Included
Lease Renewal Inspection Included
Utility Management Included
Home Improvement Projects Included
Routine Repairs - Home Warranty Included
Oversee Insurance Claim Included
Pet Guarantee Included
Repair Oversight Costs Included
Eviction Fee Included
1099 Fee $25
Professional Photos $200