Rental Criteria

Applicants: Each person 18 years and older, or an emancipated minor, is required to fill out a separate application. Each: Applicant must provide valid Picture ID, Social Security Card and Proof of income (last 30 days).

Credit: Each applicant must have good credit history. Lack of credit history may be considered as negative credit history.

Occupancy Standards: Limited to 2 persons per legal bedroom, plus one.

Income: Legal and verifiable household income. Applicants must have sufficient income to pay the rent after paying all other open financial obligations listed on credit report or other sources. Gross income must be a minimum of TWO (2) times the rental rate.

Rental History: Applicant must have positive rental history. Relatives will not be considered as rental references unless canceled checks for payment are provided.

Application Verification: Owner/Agent will access and verify your credit standing through one or more national credit reporting agencies. An application will be denied for any one of the below dis-qualifiers.

Automatic Dis-qualifiers: Applications will not be accepted, or will be denied, for any of the following reasons:

Equal Housing Opportunity Rental. This is an equal housing opportunity rental. We endorse and support the fair housing laws of California.

Applicant represents that all the information provided on the application is true and correct and authorizes verification of the items and agrees to furnish additional credit references upon request.

Applicant authorizes the Owner/Agent to obtain reports that may include, but not limited to, credit reports, unlawful detainer (eviction) reports, bad checks searches, social security number verification, fraud warnings, previous tenant history and employment history. Applicant consents to allow Owner/Agent to disclose tenancy information to previous or subsequent Owners/Agents.

Signature on this form: Gives permission for verification of employment, salary, rental history, including, but not limited to, any eviction, unlawful detainer and full background check information.

Applicant acknowledges receipt rental criteria.