"Working with Chris Matteucci has been nothing short of wonderful! I was hesitant due to the other reviews but as their newest employee, Chris is just what this company needed. As stressful as moving is, he helped us find multiple options, always answered our calls, and made sure we moved into a place that fit all of our needs.
Now that we're in one of their properties, which we love by the way, all of our repairs and concerns have been taken care of promptly & efficiently. I highly recommend this family run, local business. Be sure to ask for Cindy (the owner) or Chris!"

- Danielle Zoller

"When I wanted to rent my property I was in the tougher situation possible being abroad and not available on site. Chris Matteucci and his team took all necessary steps to prepare my property for rent, find the right tenants, and get everything done to install the people in the best condition. I was getting regular updates and I got my rent paid every month without interruption. When I wanted to take my property back, Chris and Tammy guided me and took care of everything to make my re-installation hassle free. Damage can happen when you rent a property, but with Chris, this is not a issue. With his team, Chris took care of everything in no time to get my property the way it was before renting. As an owner, I was seeking for peace of mind and that what I found from end to end with Chris. Besides, Chris and Tammy are very pleasant persons which is a huge plus. Good job guys and thank you!"
- Nick H.

"Very Kind People that truly want to help you get a home."
- Scott McDonald